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Competitive Pricing or We’ll Pay up to 100% of Your Deductible!

Nu-Tech Auto Glass Inc offers fast, affordable auto glass repair service.

Auto Glass Repairs in London and Woodstock

Do you have chips or cracks in your vehicle's glass? Turn to Nu-Tech Auto Glass Inc. for quality auto glass repair in London and Woodstock. Our well-trained technicians use only high-quality Urethane and Primers to ensure your complete satisfaction and, most importantly, your safety. We can access pricing for most insurance companies to help you use your insurance to fix your auto glass problems, and your windshield replacement can be done between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 mins. Auto glass repairs can be done for free if you have comprehensive insurance on your vehicle. We also provide a replacement at an affordable price while using only factory-approved products to install and repair your vehicle glass. Not only in London and Woodstock, we are also dedicated to giving the most reliable, quality auto glass repairs to clients from the surrounding areas. Give us a call for more information regarding auto glass repair in London.

Services We Provide

At Nu-Tech Auto Glass Inc., you’re more than just one of the crowd. Our customers make our business thrive, and we don’t take you for granted. You can count on us for the following:

stone chip repair

Stone chip repair could provide you with a fresh and durable windshield at a far lesser expense, risk, and inconvenience than a whole replacement. 

In some cases, a complete windshield replacement is a more desirable option. Our replacement services will reinstate your windshield's structural integrity and enhance your car's value.

If your tempered glass is broken, we can provide you with personalized replacement services. We can work with this type of glass to produce superior results.

Do you have any questions about our auto glass repair in London and the nearby areas? Please contact us with your queries. We're always forthcoming with any information that you might require to make an informed decision.

Why Do You Need Auto Glass Repair?

You might be tempted to put off repairs when you have a crack or chip in your windshield. However, as a company providing auto glass services for many years, we stress urgency. There are many reasons to get your auto glass repaired as soon as possible, such as:

Worsening damage: Small chips and cracks tend to worsen over time when it comes to auto glass. If neglected for long enough, a small break in the windshield can become irreparable, forcing you to get an expensive replacement.

Compromised visibility: Visibility is essential on the road. Having diminished visibility because of a crack in your windshield puts you and others on the road at risk. If the crack is in the driver's line of vision, we recommend getting a repair as soon as possible.

Decreased safety: Cracks in your windshield can spread even on a minor impact. Not to mention that a windshield with poor structural integrity can affect the functioning of your airbags.

Lowered values: A crack or break in your car's windshield brings down its value in the market. If you want to sell your car in the future, you will face the possibility of selling it at a lower price.

Are you still on the fence about repairing your compromised windshield? Please speak to us about auto glass repair in London and Woodstock. We can provide a quote after determining whether you require a repair or replacement.

How Much Will My Auto Glass Repair Service Cost?

There is no set standard for the cost of auto glass services. Numerous factors affect the eventual price, such as:

The extent of the damage

The nature of the service

Whether you require a repair or a replacement

The type of glass used

The type of vehicle

And more!

The only way to get a clear answer is to reach out to our team for a quote!

auto glass repair

Why Choose Nu-Tech Auto Glass Inc. for Your Auto Glass Repair in London?

At Nu-Tech Auto Glass Inc., we have the experience and resources to ensure you receive the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for your auto glass needs and repairs in London. When you come to us in London or Woodstock for work on your car or truck’s glass, you can always expect:

Top-of-the-line glass and materials for the best possible price

Workmanship backed by our 20+ years of experience

Guaranteed service

A team that’s focused on ongoing education and improving its techniques

Truly personalized care—you can expect us to shake your hand and thank you for your business before you go, and our owner works on almost every vehicle that comes into our shop

Three Auto Glass Repair Locations

You’re never too far from one of our locations! All three locations offer services six days a week for your convenience. Contact our London or Woodstock shop to arrange a time for auto glass repair and other services, or simply stop by during our opening hours!


Professional Affiliations


Let’s Not Compromise on Your Safety

Don't wait for a stone chip in your vehicle's windshield to grow into a larger problem.

Qualified Windshield Repair Specialists at Your Service

Bring your vehicle to our shops for dependable windshield replacement and repair services.

Reduce the Risk of Injury from Jagged Glass Shards

We take care of all types of glass repairs and replacement, including tempered glass replacement.

Contact Us for Auto Glass Repair in London

If you're looking for an auto glass repair facility in London and the nearby areas, we welcome you to Nu-Tech Auto Glass Inc. We use cutting-edge technology and quality materials for superior results that put us apart from the rest. In addition to that, we adhere to strict safety protocols to ensure proper installation. Whether you require stone chip repair or tempered glass services, we can help.

Please contact us for auto glass repair in London and Woodstock. We are available at three convenient locations.

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