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Tempered Glass Replacement in London and Woodstock

Nu-Tech Auto Glass Inc takes care of all types of auto glass repairs and replacement, including tempered glass replacement in London and Woodstock. Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is created through a process of extreme heating and fast cooling that makes it harder than standard glass. Also, because it’s a brittle type of glass, if it were to shatter, it does so in small, oval-shaped pebbles, which makes it much safer than standard glass, which has sharp edges when it shatters. Tempered glass is often used in the side and rear windows of automobiles, so if your car or truck needs any of these windows replaced, call or stop by today!

Some of the Benefits of Tempered Glass Include:

Reduces the risk of injury
Much stronger than regular glass
Easier to clean up
More heat resistant than normal glass
And more

Reliable Car Windshield Repair in London and Woodstock

Stone chip repairs, windshield replacement and tempered glass replacement – we do them all!

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