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Windshield Stone Chip Repair in London and Woodstock

Windshields are an essential component of your vehicle's overall structure. If left unchecked, a small chip on your windshield can soon cause major hassles. Also, driving with a broken or faulty windshield is a risk to your safety. If you postpone the repair of a chip or a scratch on your windshield for too long, you might incur the expense of replacing your windshield. Come to Nu-Tech Auto Glass Inc. for quick windshield stone chip repair services in London, Woodstock, and surrounding areas. Our glass repair specialists offer timely and accurate services at three locations 6 days a week. Call us for more information on our windshield and auto glass repair and replacement services.

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What Is a Stone Chip? How Will It Damage My Windshield?

The impact of small stones, debris, rocks and pebbles on the road can cause a small damaged spot referred to as a stone chip. Your windshield may chip in the following ways and shapes:

Star breaks
Bull’s eye
Bee’s wing
Combination break

Minor chips are usually easily repairable by trained and experienced technicians if attended to on time. If left untreated, small chips can escalate and worsen into a crack, which is when a replacement is the only feasible option.

How Will I Know If the Chip on My Windshield Is Repairable?

The possibility of a chip repair depends on the location, size and severity of the stone chip on your windshield. If the damage caused by the chip is only on the outer layer of the glass, it can be easily repaired by a professional. However, if it has damaged both layers of the glass or if the damage is in the driver's line of vision, windshield repair will not suffice as it could leave you with a structurally-weak windshield, which is when a replacement becomes the practical solution. 

Timely stone chip repair from our London Facilities can give you a new and durable windshield at a significantly lower cost, risks and inconvenience than a total replacement. If the surface of your windshield glass is filled with several chips, we recommend you get your windshield replaced at the earliest. Speak with our technicians today to book a service!

Why Should I Repair a Stone Chip on My Windshield?

Stone chips are the starting points of windshield cracks. If left unattended, you may require a complete windshield replacement over time. Windshield damages can severely harm your and your vehicle’s safety. It is critical to consider a stone chips repair at the earliest to:

  • Prevent further damage to your windshield or shattering in the case of a collision or accident

  • Ensure your safety and unobstructed vision while driving

  • Prevent water leaks, airbag deployment malfunction and other problems that could protect you in case of an accident

  • Save your time and money

Please contact our experts to discuss your stone chip repair, or visit us at one of our locations in London or Woodstock for a consultation!

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Stone chip repairs, windshield replacement and tempered glass replacement – we do them all!

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