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Windshield Stone Chip Repair in London and Woodstock

Windshields are an essential component of your vehicle's overall structure. If left unchecked, a small chip on your windshield can soon cause major hassles. Also, driving with a broken or faulty windshield is a risk to your safety. If you postpone the repair of a chip on your windshield for too long, you might incur the expense of replacing your windshield. Come to Nu-Tech Auto Glass Inc. for quick windshield stone chip repair services in London, Woodstock, and surrounding areas. Our glass repair specialists offer timely and accurate services at three locations 6 days a week. Call us for more information on our stone chip repair in London and Woodstock.

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What Is a Stone Chip? How Will It Damage My Windshield?

The impact of small stones, debris, rocks, and pebbles on the road can cause a small damaged spot referred to as a stone chip. Your windshield may chip in the following ways and shapes:

Star breaks: As the term suggests, this break mimics the appearance of a starburst on the windshield. It has several cracks of various lengths emanating from the point of contact. These types of chips tend to weaken the windshield over time.

Cloverleaf: This type of windshield crack is recognizable by the separation of glass underlay from the windshield. It can appear to be more complicated than other types of cracking, but we can provide you with repair solutions if you bring us your vehicle before the damage worsens.

Bull's eye: It is one of the most frequently encountered forms of windshield damage. It is circular with a pit at its centre. Bull's eye cracks are easy to repair, so you should address them immediately.

Half-moon: These breaks are half of a bull's eye. However, they aren't circular. They form the shape of a half-moon with a black-like appearance. These cracks are rare and are slightly more complex.

Bee's wing: Bee's wing cracks look very similar to star breaks. They can become more extensive if neglected. A technician can provide effective repair solutions if they're addressed on time.

Combination break: A combination break is characterized as a bull-eye crack with a star break inside. The glass around the impact point is generally crushed. It can also be a combination of other types of breaks.

Minor chips are usually easily repairable by trained and experienced technicians if attended to on time. If left untreated, small chips can escalate and worsen into a crack, which is when a replacement is the only feasible option.

How Will I Know If the Chip on My Windshield Is Repairable?

The possibility of a chip repair depends on the location, size, and severity of the stone chip on your windshield. If the damage caused by the chip is only on the outer layer of the glass, it can be easily repaired by a professional. However, if it has damaged both layers of the glass or if the damage is in the driver's line of vision, windshield repair will not suffice as it could leave you with a structurally-weak windshield, which is when a replacement becomes the practical solution.

Timely stone chip repair from our London Facilities can give you a new and durable windshield at a significantly lower cost, risks, and inconvenience than a total replacement. If the surface of your windshield glass is filled with several chips, we recommend you get your windshield replaced at the earliest. Speak with our technicians today to book a service!

Why Should I Repair a Stone Chip on My Windshield?

Stone chips are the starting point of windshield cracks. If left unattended, you may require a complete windshield replacement over time. Windshield damages can severely harm your and your vehicle’s safety. It is critical to consider a stone chips repair at the earliest to:

  • Prevent further damage to your windshield.

  • Ensure your safety and unobstructed vision while driving.

  • Save your time and money.

Please contact our experts to discuss your stone chip repair, or visit us at one of our locations in London or Woodstock for a consultation!

The Benefits of Professional Windshield Chip Repair

When you require stone chip repair in London, you might be tempted to undertake a do-it-yourself approach. However, it is essential you turn to professionals like us because we take the following necessary steps:

  • Thorough assessment: We have the technology to conduct a complete analysis to determine whether you require windshield repair or replacement. We will make sure the windshield's structural integrity isn't compromised.

  • Costs: Professionals will get the repair done right the first time. Laypersons, on the other hand, can cause further damage because of their lack of know-how. This can be expensive to fix and might even lead to the need for a replacement.

Would you like to know more about working with a professional for stone chip repairs in London? Please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We also offer tempered glass replacement.

Why Choose Us?

Our company has been offering stone chip repair in London and other services for many years. There are many reasons to choose us, such as:

  • We have years of experience

  • We use the best materials available in the market

  • We offer cost-effective services

  • We offer a range of auto glass solutions

  • We provide personalized solutions

  • We stay updated with all the developments in the industry

  • We provide excellent customer service

Would you like to make an appointment with us for stone chip repair in London? Please contact us today.

Contact Us for Stone Chip Repair in London & Woodstock

If you're looking for auto glass services from a reputable provider, turn to Nu-Tech Auto Glass Inc. Please contact us today to learn more about our services.

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