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Windshield Glass Repairs in London and Woodstock

If you have been in a collision and your automobile needs glass repair or replacement service, Nu-Tech Auto Glass Inc is here to serve you. We offer high-quality windshield glass repairs to residents of London, Woodstock and surrounding areas. Our team is committed to providing competitively priced services, and we aim to be your number 1 choice for auto glass repairs and replacement. Some of our most popular auto glass services include:

We have shops at thee convenient locations to offer you quick and professional service. Call us today to make an appointment.

Auto Glass Services

Protect yourself and your passengers by regularly checking your windshield for cracks or chips. An ignored chip can quickly spread across your windshield and require a full replacement. Most small cracks can be easily repaired as long as they are smaller than a credit card, out of the driver side’s sightline and do not go completely through the windshield. Be easier on your wallet with prompt windshield glass repairs such as:

Cover your crack with clear tape. If the crack is out of your line of sight, then using a small piece of tape is a great way to keep dirt out. Dirt will make the repair more difficult, and often will not give you the clean and clear look you want.
Avoid using your defroster or air conditioning on high. The quick change in temperatures can cause the crack to spread and make driving your vehicle unsafe.
Keep out of the sun. Similar to your defroster or air conditioning, leaving your car in the sun lets the inside temperature build quickly. Try to park in the shade as much as possible before coming in for a replacement repair.
Do not let small cracks build up on the windshield and replace the glass immediately. This will prevent further damage.

Auto Glass Insurance Claim Repairs

We work with your insurance provider to get you an affordable repair or replacement for covered auto glass claims. We can sometimes pay up to 100% of your deductible! Ask us how. For more information on auto glass replacement service in London and Woodstock, reach out to us now.

Auto Glass Insurance Claim Repairs

Reliable Auto Glass Services in London and Woodstock

Stone chip repairs, windshield replacement and tempered glass replacement – we do them all!

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